A Hitchhiker's Guide to


“We’re building the roads, the car, figuring out how to drive and hand out driver’s licences. All at the same time.” @sebnem

Who Should Read This Book?

The Entrepreneur
The Intrapreneur

Token economy has drawn your attention: a new paradigm for financial and business models for new type of organizations. The token model generation process outlined in this book helps close the conceptual gap between BAU and the ventures you envision. It will help you become the catalyst for your diverse team and stakeholders, providing a common frame of reference.

The Practicing
Token Designer

You're building token economic models already, in spreadsheets tho. You come from economics, finance, R&D, system or SW engineering. You will enjoy the introduction to new tools, frameworks, and processes as well as the collection of online resources. We welcome your feedback highly, consider joining Early Access now!

The Academic
The Applied Researcher

This book might help you spot open research questions, create seminars and course assignments. You will enjoy the practical challenges of token engineering, especially for academics in Strategy and Organization, Computer Aided Design. Surprising applications of research in Control Theory and Machine Learning in the intersection of Economics or Social, Political Sciences and Cyber-physical Systems await you.

Anticipation is the greater part of pleasure.

Early Access starts on 20 June 2020! Let us know what you expect from this book project

Jason Lasky
Jason LaskyCo-here Local Tokens
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Especially when your design is novel! I can’t tell you how many times I had to revisit and remodel the token design. I’ve done so many attempts to use spreadsheets but they can’t express real world usage...So looking forward to learning about the tools you guys use.
Jeff Emmett
Jeff EmmettThe Commons Stack
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With her background in Cyber-Physical Systems at Siemens and leading edge execution of democratized renewable energy generation with Electraseed Fund, there are few people more qualified to learn about Token Engineering from than Sebnem Rusitschka. Eagerly looking forward to reading!
Raffaella Rovida
Raffaella RovidaLe Grand Jeu
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Token engineers and artists/humanists set up an interdisciplinary collaboration in a playful environment, Le Grand Jeu, to co-design bottom-up resilient communities dissolving the traditional boundaries between sciences, technology and society. Looking forward to Sebnem's lessons learnt in applying the game and how it can help uncover failure modes very early in token model generation process.
Michael Zargham
Michael ZarghamBlockScience
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Engineering token economies needs a values-based approach. Upholding a value system is a journey not a destination; it can never be totally reduced to a set of methods and procedures but drawing on methods and procedures is a good place to start. In particular the Token Engineering community has been committed to improving design methodologies and associated tools drawing on the engineering subfield of Cyber-physical systems. Counting on Sebnem to get this balancing act together in the book.
Angela Kreitenweis
Angela KreitenweisToken Engineering Global Gathering 2020
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Designing token economies is walking unbeaten tracks, and continuously collect unknowns along your way. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to TokenEngineering will help you navigate your journey, edited by an expert who walked through the whole process herself, multiple times.

Join the conversation in Token Engineering community’s Discord server and let us know what’s the foggiest aspects of Token Economy, where you struggle in your token network design and implementation, what you hope to get accomplished through the Token Engineering practice.

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Engineering for the Information Society

Early Access started on 20 June 2020! And it is still on! We’re in Chapter 4 “Token Model Generation”

We tested and are improving the content after the Ecosystem Valueflows courses from this chapter:

47 students worked on 18 crypto projects in 2 cohorts.

96% would definitely recommend this course to others (according to surveys in August and October 2020)

Stay tuned for a whole new Web3 Book experience! Token Engineering Commons Proposal #1


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